Adrienne Banko

Training Coordinator

College of Engineering


How do I apply for a ROUTES Co-op?

All ROUTES positions are posted on NU-Works and include the word ROUTES in the position title (e.g., “ROUTES Water Contamination Research Assistant Co-op.” We require a resume and cover letter with all applications. For the cover letter, we would love to hear what brings you to the program and how a ROUTES co-op would fit in with your goals for your undergraduate degree and beyond.

Do I need to have prior research experience to apply for a ROUTES Co-op?

Prior research experience is not required; in fact, many of our previous Scholars had never done any research or worked in a lab outside of their coursework prior to starting the position. By the end of the co-op, many of these same students also presented their research at conferences, helped co-author papers, and continued to work in the lab part-time at the end of the co-op period. We encourage you to apply regardless of your level of experience!

Is ROUTES open to graduate students?

No, ROUTES is specifically funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences as an undergraduate research program.


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