Antonella Caratini

Mentor: Dr. Phil Brown

Antonella Caratini is a third-year Public Health student with a minor in Communication Studies at Northeastern University. Her passion for addressing public health challenges, particularly those related to health disparities, originates from her experiences growing up in Puerto Rico. As she progresses through her coursework, she has come to recognize the strong link between public health and environmental health, sparking her interest in researching PFAS and its associated health impacts. Antonella’s long-term aspiration is to pursue a career dedicated to investigating and addressing both environmental health disparities and other aspects of public health in underserved communities, with a commitment to making a meaningful difference in her home.

Tamika Larose

Mentor: Dr. Penny Beuning

Hello! My name is Tamika Larose, and I am from Brockton, Massachusetts. I am a second year pursuing a B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in cellular and molecular biology. I am working with Dr. Penny Buening as a research assistant through the ROUTES program which is exciting! The project I will be focusing on this co-op is to characterize the activity of DNA Polymerase I and DNA Polymerase II from the bacteria Rothia Dentocariosa. I am looking forward to connecting with my lab members learning more about DNA analysis through my experiments and gaining experience in the field of biology. I hope to apply the skills and knowledge from this experience to the rest of my college experience and future career as a DNA analyst in forensic science!

Heather Omoruyi

Mentor: Dr. Mary Jo Ondrechen

Hello! I’m Heather Omoruyi, a rising third-year bioengineering major with a minor in public health from Houston, Texas. I’m excited to be part of the ROUTES Chemical Biology Research Co-op program at Northeastern and will be collaborating with Dr. Mary Jo Ondrechen in exploring cancer associations of ERK2 mutations. This research merges my passion for bioengineering, public health, and chemical biology, allowing me to delve into the intricate connections between molecular processes and human health.

Maria del Mar Restrepo

Mentor: Dr. Emily Zimmerman

My name is Maria Restrepo, I am a second year honors student from Cali, Colombia, pursuing a Behavioral Neuroscience degree with a minor in Public Health. During my time at the Speech and Neurodevelopment Lab, I will be measuring infant’s sucking, feeding, speech and language development and analyze data to understand how these behaviors relate in an child’s development and how environmental factors during pregnancy affect infant development. I look forward to working under Dr. Emily Zimmerman and study coordinator Natalie Peterman as well as the rest of the lab crew to learn more about the intersection of environmental science and neurodevelopment.

Sonia Vasquez

Mentor: Dr. David Cantonwine

Hi! My name is Sonia Vasquez and I am a third-year Biology student at Northeastern University. I have a strong passion for women’s health and hope to pursue a career in medicine as an OB/GYN. I am working as a research assistant at the ROUTES Reproductive Environmental Epidemiology Research Co-op. I am excited to be participating in a research project where I will be exploring the association between air pollution and pre-eclampsia subtypes. I look forward to strengthening my understanding of maternal fetal health and applying this knowledge to healthcare in the future.


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